Die Dokumentation zum Spendenprojekt "Fahrräder für kubanische Kinder". Organisiert und initiiert von meiner Frau Kornelia Doren, dem Journalisten Wolfgang Ziegler und mir, komplett ohne Verwaltungskosten und mit der Hilfe der bayerischen Bevölkerung und vielen Partnern in Deutschland und Kuba

Eine Fotoserie zum Spendenprojekt "Nähmaschinen für Frauen in Havanna", das meine Frau Kornelia Doren initiiert hat und wir beide begleitet haben. Erneut ohne Verwaltungskosten und mit der großartigen Hilfe von vielen Bayerischen Spendern und der Firmen Leisure Cargo, Condor und VP-Engineers.

My Passions in Photography:

What I do:

Most pictures were taken while travelling. I try to capture atmospheres and details I consider typical, symbolic or funny. Unfortunately this means carrying around kilos of equipment all time, just to not miss a moment. And it means getting up early during vacation, something I would not do at home.

Seeing the world in very detail is a second hobby. A macro lens gives new, unexplored views on many things. This is also valid for food, it's all about to stage what attracted me to pull the camera, as good as possible in the short period I have when I'm hungry ;-)

I rarely do landscapes, because it needs time to capture the best light and it needs a little luck for the right clouds or dew. Most of the trips my wife and I do are not static at all, she's a journalist and we need to see and capture many things in a short period of time. As mentioned landscapes need the right point in time to get the best out of a scene, I rarely have the luxury to return to a spot for that moment.


About me:

Born in the Netherlands, I (was) moved to West-Germany as a child and later in my thirtys to Munich. Now we live in a very pulsating part of it, with a lot of inspired people - the "Glockenbachviertel".

Photography has a long tradition in my family, but never as a profession. I used to take photos in my twenties, but I wasn't patient enough for analog photography. I tried again in the early days of digital photography , but the outcome of late nineties technology has been nowhere near analog results.

My wife set me on that train again in 2006 with her DLSR, a D70. So it's her fault I spend that much on equipment. ;-) I love my D700, it allows me to take photos I could not take for such a long period of crappy digital times, being limited to ISO 400-640 for acceptable results. I hope you like some of them, take your time and feel invited to have a look at my galleries.

Havana, Mai 2010
Havana, Mai 2010