The use of printers has now become common in households. They actually serve a wide array of duties for the domestic needs. Most of the key printer manufacturers like HP, Canon and Epson are particularly aware of this situation. Therefore, in the recent years, there seems to be a fierce competition among them to capture the consumer. Indeed, an average consumer is now spoilt for choices. The prices of the home-based printers have become rather affordable without compromising on quality and they are widely available. The hp envy 4520 printer review mentioned here suggests, this is an exceptional choice for domestic users right now.

You should always do the necessary research before getting the printer suitable for your requirements. The foremost decision you should make is whether to go for an inkjet or laser printer. You should already have an idea on what you are going to print. Yet, the inkjet printers are most suitable for domestic users as these devices can handle all the printing works that a home printer needs to do. Sometimes, these inkjet printers can be cheaper to buy but have high recurring charges owing to the cost of ink and cartridges. On the other hand laser, printers are the favorable choice for any offices. The initial cost may be greater than the inkjet printers but they are very quick, reliable and cheap. Only those who have color laser printers need to bear higher recurring charges for replacing the toners.

Most of the home-based consumers limit their printing works to basic needs. They seldom tend to print continuous pages of texts or school reports. These printouts will be limited to a maximum of 4/5 pages max at a time. The inkjet printers are rather proficient in handling these duties. The hp envy 4520 printer deserves a special mention here as it has a good printing speed and is able to print dual sides. Just ensure, when you are considering an inkjet printer the ink cartridges should be able to minimize the cost per page. The good thing is, the latest inkjet printers are now able to perform a lot better than it used to earlier.

Here, the introduction of all-in-one printers must be made. These printers have additionally given the home user a lot of advantage. They do not need to rush to the local shops to get their important documents for photocopies or to scan an important document. All these features are now included in the printers making them extensively popular. Additionally, there are exclusive photo printers that are able to transform your captured images onto paper. The presence of networking functions in printers has enabled printing from any remote locations. As the smartphones and tablets are now used extensively, you have the privilege to print from these devices also.

Like every other technological modification, printing technology has also undergone rapid developments. A home-based user now has a lot of liberty with the printers and the manufacturers are leaving no stone unturned in supplying them with the needful.